Passengers will be amazed by Idaho. They will have to find transport to check out this city. There are various types of transportation to arrive or come back from the Airport, due to this the passenger must check a piece of information about these services to be ready beforehand. Those services bank on the passenger's budget, as well as preferences while reading their reviews.

Public Transportation Service at IDA

If a passenger wants to find the most economical way to get to and come back to the Airport, but it may be time-consuming as the lines of those buses are quite long. Public buses are not expensive, but they make frequent stops, and they may need connections. It also depends on the time of the day, in some hours this transport might be the slowest way, while two or three hours after it may be the quickest way to get to the Airport.

Taxi Service at IDA

There is nothing better than when a passenger has not to share their place with another person, but the Taxi service is way more expensive than a shared shuttle service. Still, if a passenger has a budget to have this service, there is a Taxi stand in this Airport, which helps a passenger to find a Taxi. Taxi lines must belong, a passenger must ask the taxi driver beforehand if he/she knows an alternative way to avoid traffic. Several companies serve this area, such as Safe Ride Taxi, if a passenger wants more information, they can call 208-206-7592.