As this Airport is the second busiest Airport in Idaho, there is no question that they need a considerable terminal to handle those many passengers. The airport terminal, which is currently not like this always, was expanded twice and once it was partially reestablished. 1959 was the year when the current terminal was established. It was developed in 1982. The original pier was designed with jetways, as this was necessary for 737s, but those have not arrived there since 1998, then delta pulled out. As for the latest expansion, it was finished in 2014. After this, check the baggage can happen from ticket counters; it allowed TSA Screening to occur out of view of passengers. There are ATMs in the terminal near the restaurant. This gives passenger convenience. There is wireless internet service throughout the terminal, which is an excellent service if there is a delay or some particular condition. As for chargers, there are located in the terminal for any kind of electronics. There are Pet Relief Areas as well; one of them is placed outside the check-in area, while another one is placed outside the baggage claim area.