TSA Security Procedures and Measures at IDA

As the second-largest airports in Idaho, after Boise Airport, the authorities had to take into consideration that they need excellent customer service, as well as security procedures, must be on point. When the passenger is there, they must check the terms and the rules of this Airport, as they are unique in every situation. They are an inevitable part of this Airport. Every passenger must obey the rules, as disobedience is prohibited. Those security checkpoint agents use metal detector body scanners. At the same time, passengers will remove all metal-made equipment, and they will put them in a different bin, which is mainly for them.

The Transportation Security Administration has security agents, who are there to monitor the situation to avoid further problems. They are checking packages, suspicious items, prohibited things, as well as bags. A passenger must go through an X-ray screening. The agents will demand this for additional checking. They have a responsibility to do this.

TSA Cares is a helpline service, which is managed by the Transportation Security Administration. This service assists in managing the condition of air passengers, who need some assistance due to their medical conditions, people with disabilities, as well as people who lost their way and need some help. However, if some passengers have limitations or need specialized help, they must book this service beforehand, before 72 hours. X-ray policies and other procedures must not be a surprise for passengers. They must be informed previously. This is a recommendation by the TSA agents. Their service works from Monday to Friday. Their working hours are from 8 a.m to 11 p.m.

IDASecurity Checkpoints and Departure Time

Security Checkpoints are closed 45 minutes before their departure. While it opens 2 hours before departure, it is not easy to say how much time will be needed if there is a queue, it depends on several factors including weather, airport construction, TSA staffing, etc.

Flying with Real-ID

October 1, 2018, is the date when a new rule implemented in the United States, which mentions that if a traveler is 18 years or more, they have to present a Real ID-compliant driver's license.