U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at IDA

As Idaho Falls regional airport is regional, its global entry works. Regarding global entry, this is a program that is used in the United States. Customs and Border Protection implemented it. This initiative helps the passengers to cross the border without additional procedures. This results in time efficiency, which is essential for everyone. There are not many passengers who have access to this global entry program in the United States. This is why there are no queues for passengers who have this global entry. There are automatic kiosks, by which those passengers can cross the border.

It is straightforward to achieve and have access to this program, the passenger must show a valid passport, which can be read by a machine, or they can use a consistent resident card. Those documents will be reviewed, and then passengers can move around, due to this, it is very convenient to have access to this global entry.

Passengers must take into consideration that if there is some particular condition, they must answer questions honestly and get candid when they are asked. Those security procedures can take a long time if they do not be honest with TSA Agents.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at IDA

As every Airport has its own rules, every passenger must try and find information beforehand, as there might be some limits about baggage. At this Airport, there is only one terminal, and the baggage claim area can be found easily.